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Workflow templates#

When creating a new workflow, you can choose whether to start with an empty workflow, or use an existing template.

Templates provide:

  • A way to get started quickly: n8n might already have a template that does what you need.
  • Examples of what you can build
  • Best practices for creating your own workflows

Use a workflow template#

  1. In the sidebar, click Templates.
  2. Browse or search the workflow templates list.
  3. Click a workflow to view more information. n8n opens the workflow details page.
  4. On the workflow details page, click Use this workflow. n8n opens the workflow.
  5. Click Save to add the workflow to your workflows.

Workflow templates are available in 0.165.0 and above

Workflow templates are available on all flavors of n8n. If you can't access workflow templates in n8n, check that your n8n version is 0.165.0 or above, and check whether you are using a self-hosted or embedded version of n8n with templates disabled.