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Workflow templates#

When creating a new workflow, you can choose whether to start with an empty workflow, or use an existing template.

Templates provide:

  • Help getting started: n8n might already have a template that does what you need.
  • Examples of what you can build
  • Best practices for creating your own workflows

Access templates#

Select View templates icon Templates to view the templates library.

If you use n8n's template library, this takes you to browse Workflows on the n8n website. If you use a custom library provided by your organization, you'll be able to search and browse the templates within the app.

Add your workflow to the n8n library#

You can submit your workflows to n8n's template library.

n8n is working on a creator program, and developing a marketplace of templates. This is an ongoing project, and details are likely to change.

Refer to n8n Creator hub for information on how to submit templates and become a creator.

Self-hosted n8n: Disable templates#

In your environment variables, set N8N_TEMPLATES_ENABLED to false.

Self-hosted n8n: Use your own library#

In your environment variables, set N8N_TEMPLATES_HOST to the base URL of your API.

Your API must provide the same endpoints and data structure as n8n's.

The endpoints are:

Method Path
GET /templates/workflows/<id>
GET /templates/workflows
GET /templates/collections/<id>
GET /templates/collections
GET /templates/categories
GET /health

To learn about the data structure, try out n8n's API endpoints:

You can also contact us for more support.