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License environment variables#

File-based configuration

You can add _FILE to individual variables to provide their configuration in a separate file. Refer to Keeping sensitive data in separate files for more details.

To enable enterprise features, you need to add your enterprise license key. You can do this through the UI, or using environment variables. Refer to Enterprise license key for details.

Variable Type Default Description
N8N_HIDE_USAGE_PAGE boolean false Hide the usage and plans page in the app.
N8N_LICENSE_ACTIVATION_KEY String '' Activation key to initialize license. Not applicable if the n8n instance was already activated.
N8N_LICENSE_AUTO_RENEW_ENABLED Boolean true Enables (true) or disables (false) autorenewal for licenses.
N8N_LICENSE_AUTO_RENEW_OFFSET Number 60 * 60 * 72 (72 hours) Time in seconds before expiry a license should automatically renew.
N8N_LICENSE_SERVER_URL String Server URL to retrieve license.
HTTP_PROXY_LICENSE_SERVER String http://use:pass@proxy:port Proxy server URL for HTTP requests to retrieve license.
HTTPS_PROXY_LICENSE_SERVER String https://use:pass@proxy:port Proxy server URL for HTTPS requests to retrieve license.