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Update your Cloud version#

n8n recommends regularly updating your Cloud version. Check the Release notes to learn more about changes.

  1. Log in to the n8n Cloud dashboard
  2. On your dashboard, select Manage.
  3. Use the n8n version dropdown to select your preferred release version:
    • Latest Stable: recommended for most users.
    • Latest Beta: get the newest n8n. This may be unstable.
  4. Select Save Changes to restart your n8n instance and perform the update.
  5. In the confirmation modal, select Confirm.

Best practices for updating#

  • Update frequently: this avoids having to jump multiple versions at once, reducing the risk of a disruptive update. Try to update at least once a month.
  • Check the Release notes for breaking changes.
  • Use Environments to create a test version of your instance. Test the update there first.

Automatic update#

n8n automatically updates outdated Cloud instances.

If you don't update you instance for 120 days, n8n emails you to warn you to update. After a further 30 days, n8n automatically updates your instance.