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Custom executions data#

You can set custom data on your workflow using the Code node. n8n records this with each execution. You can then use this data when filtering the executions list.

Feature availability

Custom executions data is available on:

  • Cloud: Pro, Enterprise
  • Self-Hosted: Enterprise

Available in version 0.222.0 and above.

Set custom executions data#

Set a single piece of extra data:

$execution.customData.set("key", "value");

Set all extra data. This overwrites the whole custom data object for this execution:

$execution.customData.setAll({"key1": "value1", "key2": "value2"})

There are limitations:

  • They must be strings
  • key has a maximum length of 50 characters
  • value has a maximum length of 255 characters
  • n8n supports a maximum of 10 items of custom data

Access the custom data object during execution#

You can retrieve the custom data object, or a specific value in it, during an execution:

// Access the current state of the object during the execution
const customData = $execution.customData.getAll()

// Access a specific value set during this execution
const customData = $execution.customData.get("key")