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Pushcut trigger#

Pushcut is an app for iOS that lets you create smart notifications to kick off shortcuts, URLs, and online automation.


You can find authentication information for this node here.

Examples and templates

For usage examples and templates to help you get started, refer to n8n's Pushcut Trigger integrations page.


How to configure a Pushcut action?#

Follow the steps mentioned below to configure your Pushcut Trigger node with your Pushcut app.

  1. In your Pushcut app, select a notification from the Notifications screen.
  2. Click on the Add Action button.
  3. Enter an action name in the Label field.
  4. Select the Server tab.
  5. Select the Integration tab.
  6. Click on Integration Trigger.
  7. In n8n, enter a name for the action and click on Test step.
  8. Select this action under the Select Integration Trigger screen in your Pushcut app.
  9. Click on Done on the top right to save the action.