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Split Out#

Use the Split Out node to separate a single data item containing a list into multiple items. For example, a list of customers, and you want to split them so that you have an item for each customer.

Examples and templates

For usage examples and templates to help you get started, refer to n8n's Split Out integrations page.

Node parameters#

  • Field to Split Out: the field containing the list you want to separate out into individual items.
    • If working with binary data inputs, use $binary in an expression to set the field to split out.
  • Include: select if you want n8n to keep any other fields from the input data with each new individual item. You can select:
    • No Other Fields
    • All Other Fields
    • Selected Other Fields: when selected, n8n displays Fields to Include. Enter a comma separated list of desired fields.
  • Options > Add Field: use this to add more optional settings, including:
    • Disable Dot Notation: when disabled, you can't reference child fields (in the format parent.child).
    • Destination Field Name: optionally set the field name under which to put the new split contents.
    • Include Binary: include binary data from the input in the new output.

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