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PostBin is a service that helps you test API clients and webhooks. Use the PostBin node to automate work in Postbin, and integrate PostBin with other applications. n8n has built-in support for a wide range of PostBin features, including creating and deleting bins, and getting and sending requests.

On this page, you'll find a list of operations the PostBin node supports, and links to more resources.

Examples and templates

For usage examples and templates to help you get started, take a look at n8n's Postbin integrations list.


  • Bin
    • Create
    • Get
    • Delete
  • Request
    • Get
    • Remove First
    • Send

Send requests#

To send requests to a Postbin bin:

  1. Go to Postbin and follow the steps to generate a new bin. Postbin gives you a unique URL, including a bin ID.
  2. In the Postbin node, select the Request resource.
  3. Choose the type of Operation you want to perform.
  4. Enter your bin ID in Bin ID.

Create and manage bins#

You can create and manage Postbin bins using the Postbin node.

  1. In Resource, select Bin.
  2. Choose an Operation. You can create, delete, or get a bin.