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Advanced AI#

Build AI functionality using n8n: from creating your own chat bot, to using AI to process documents and data from other sources.

Feature availability

This feature is available on Cloud and self-hosted n8n, in version 1.19.4 and above.

  • Get started

    Work through the short tutorial to learn the basics of building AI workflows in n8n.


  • Explore examples and concepts

    Browse examples and workflow templates to help you build. Includes explanations of important AI concepts.


  • How n8n uses LangChain

    Learn more about how n8n builds on LangChain.

    LangChain in n8n

  • Browse AI templates

    Explore a wide range of AI workflow templates on the n8n website.

    AI workflows on

Related documentation and tools.

Node types#

This feature uses Cluster nodes: groups of root and sub nodes that work together.

Cluster nodes are node groups that work together to provide functionality in an n8n workflow. Instead of using a single node, you use a root node and one or more sub-nodes that extend the functionality of the node.

Screenshot of a workflow with a root node and two sub-nodes

Workflow templates#

You can browse workflow templates in-app or on the n8n website Workflows page.

Refer to Templates for information on accessing templates in-app.

Chat trigger#

Use the n8n Chat Trigger to trigger a workflow based on chat interactions.

Chatbot widget#

n8n provides a chatbot widget that you can use as a frontend for AI-powered chat workflows. Refer to the @n8n/chat npm page for usage information.