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Create a workflow#

A workflow is a collection of nodes connected together to automate a process. You build workflows on the workflow canvas.

Create a workflow#

  1. On the Workflows list, select Add Workflow.
  2. Get started by adding a trigger node: select Add first step...

If it's your first time building a workflow, you may want to use the quickstart guides to quickly try out n8n features.

Run workflows manually#

You may need to run your workflow manually when building and testing, or if your workflow doesn't have a trigger node.

To run manually, select Test Workflow.

Run workflows automatically#

All new workflows are inactive by default.

You need to activate workflows that start with a trigger node or Webhook node so that they can run automatically. When a workflow is inactive, you must run it manually.

To activate or deactivate your workflow, open your workflow and toggle Inactive / Active.

Once a workflow is active, it runs whenever its trigger conditions are met.