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Choose your n8n#

This section contains information on n8n's range of platforms, pricing plans, and licenses.


There are a few different ways to set up n8n depending on how you intend to use it:


n8n is fair-code licensed under the Sustainable Use License and n8n Enterprise License.

For a detailed explanation of the license, refer to Faircode license.

Free versions#

n8n offers the following free options:

  • The Desktop app
  • A free trial of Cloud (free for one month)
  • A free tier for self-hosted users

n8n has two paid versions:

  • n8n Cloud: choose from a range of paid plans to suit your usage and feature needs.
  • Self-hosted: there are both free and paid versions of self-hosted.

For details of the plans, refer to Pricing on the n8n website.