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Best practices for user management#

This page contains advice on best practices relating to user management in n8n.

All platforms#

  • n8n recommends that owners create a member-level account for themselves. Owners can see all workflows, but there is no way to see who created a particular workflow, so there is a risk of overriding other people's work if you build and edit workflows as an owner.
  • Users must be careful not to edit the same workflow simultaneously. It's possible to do it, but the users will overwrite each other's changes.
  • To move workflows between accounts, export the workflow as JSON, then import it to the new account. Note that this action loses the workflow history.
  • Webhook paths must be unique across the entire instance. This means each webhook path must be unique for all workflows and all users. By default, n8n generates a long random value for the webhook path, but users can edit this to their own custom path. If two users set the same path value:
    • The path works for the first workflow that's run or activated.
    • Other workflows will error if they try to run with the same path.


If you run n8n behind a reverse proxy, set the following environment variables so that n8n generates emails with the correct URL: * N8N_HOST * N8N_PORT * N8N_PROTOCOL * N8N_EDITOR_BASE_URL
More information on these variables is available in Environment variables.