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Workflow templates#

Feature availability

Embed requires an embed license. For more information about when to use Embed, as well as costs and licensing processes, refer to Embed on the n8n website.

n8n provides a library of workflow templates. When embedding n8n, you can:

  • Continue to use n8n's workflow templates library (this is the default behavior)
  • Disable workflow templates
  • Create your own workflow templates library

Disable workflow templates#

In your environment variables, set N8N_TEMPLATES_ENABLED to false.

Use your own workflow templates library#

In your environment variables, set N8N_TEMPLATES_HOST to the base URL of your API.

Your API must provide the same endpoints and data structure as n8n's.

The endpoints are:

Method Path
GET /templates/workflows/<id>
GET /templates/workflows
GET /templates/collections/<id>
GET /templates/collections
GET /templates/categories
GET /health

To learn about the data structure, try out n8n's API endpoints:

You can also contact us for more support.