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Workflow templates#

n8n provides a library of workflow templates. When embedding n8n, you can:

  • Continue to use n8n's workflow templates library (this is the default behavior)
  • Disable workflow templates
  • Create your own workflow templates library

Disable workflow templates#

In your environment variables, set N8N_TEMPLATES_ENABLED to false.

Use your own workflow templates library#

In your environment variables, set N8N_TEMPLATES_HOST to the base URL of your API.

Your API must provide the same endpoints and data structure as n8n's.

The endpoints are:

Method Path
GET /templates/workflows/<id>
GET /templates/workflows
GET /templates/collections/<id>
GET /templates/collections
GET /templates/categories
GET /health

To learn about the data structure, try out the endpoints. You can also contact us for more support.