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Level two: Introduction#

Welcome to the n8n Course Level 2!

Is this course right for me?#

This course is for you if you:

  • Want to automate somewhat complex business processes.
  • Want to dive deeper into n8n after taking the Level 1 course.

What will I learn in this course?#

The focus in this course is on working with data. You will learn how to:

  • Use the data structure of n8n correctly.
  • Process different data types (for example, XML, HTML, date, time, and binary data).
  • Merge data from different sources (for example, a database, spreadsheet, or CRM).
  • Use functions and JavaScript code in the Code node.
  • Deal with error workflows and workflow errors.

You will learn all this by completing short practical exercises after the theoretical explanations, and building a business workflow following instructions.

What do I need to get started?#

To follow along this course (at a comfortable pace) you will need the following:

  • n8n set up: You can use the self-hosted version or n8n Cloud.
  • A user ID: Sign up here to get your unique ID and other credentials you will need in the course.
  • Basic n8n skills. We strongly recommend taking the Level 1 course prior to this one.
  • Basic JavaScript understanding.

How long does the course take?#

Completing the course should take around two hours. You do not have to complete it in one go, feel free to take breaks and resume whenever you are ready.

How do I complete the course?#

There are two milestones in this course that test your knowledge of what you have learned in the lessons:

You can always check your progress throughout the course by entering your unique ID here.

If you successfully complete the milestones above, you will get a badge and an avatar in your forum profile. You can then share your profile and course verification ID to showcase your n8n skills to others.