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Execute Workflow#

Use the Execute Workflow node to run a different workflow on the host machine that runs n8n.

Node reference#

The Execute Workflow node has two properties:

  • Source: This field specifies from where to get the workflow's information.
    • Database
    • Local File
    • Parameter
    • URL
  • Workflow: This field contains information about the workflow, such as the workflow ID, URL, or a file.


How to find the workflow ID#

  1. Open the workflow for which you want to get the workflow ID.
  2. Copy the number after workflow/ in your URL and paste that in the Workflow ID field.

How does data get passed from one workflow to another?#

Let's say that there's a Execute Workflow node in Workflow A. The Execute Workflow node calls another workflow, Workflow B. - The Execute Workflow node passes the data to the Start node of Workflow B. - The last node of Workflow B sends the data back to the Execute Workflow node in Workflow A.