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Date & Time#

The Date & Time node manipulates date and time data and convert it to different formats.

Examples and templates

For usage examples and templates to help you get started, refer to n8n's Date & Time integrations list.

Timezone settings

The node uses either the timezone of the n8n instance, or the workflow settings timezone. On n8n Cloud, the default timezone is GMT. On self-hosted n8n, the default is America/New_York, unless you've configured the instance to use a different default.

Refer to Workflow settings for more information on configuring timezones for individual workflows.

Refer to Configuration methods | Timezone for information on configuring your self-hosted instance timezone.


  • Add to a Date
  • Extract Part of a Date
  • Format a Date
  • Get Current Date
  • Get Time Between Dates
  • Round a Date
  • Subtract From a Date

View example workflows and related content on n8n's website.

The Date & Time node uses Luxon.

Supported date formats#

n8n supports all date formats supported by Luxon.