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Date & Time#

The Date & Time node manipulates date and time data and convert it to different formats.

Examples and templates

For usage examples and templates to help you get started, refer to n8n's Date & Time integrations list.

Timezone settings

The node relies on the timezone setting. n8n uses either:

  1. The workflow timezone, if set. Refer to Workflow settings for more information.
  2. The n8n instance timezone, if the workflow timezone isn't set. The default is America/New York for self-hosted instances. n8n Cloud tries to detect the instance owner's timezone when they sign up, falling back to GMT as the default. Self-hosted users can change the instance setting using Environment variables. Cloud admins can change the instance timezone in the Admin dashboard.

Date and time in other nodes

You can work with data and time in the Code node, and in expressions in any node. n8n supports Luxon to help work with date and time in JavaScript. Refer to Date and time with Luxon for more information.


  • Add to a Date
  • Extract Part of a Date
  • Format a Date
  • Get Current Date
  • Get Time Between Dates
  • Round a Date
  • Subtract From a Date

View example workflows and related content on n8n's website.

The Date & Time node uses Luxon. You can also use Luxon in the Code node and expressions. Refer to Date and time with Luxon for more information.

Supported date formats#

n8n supports all date formats supported by Luxon.