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Jenkins credentials#

You can use these credentials to authenticate the following nodes:


Create an account on a Jenkins instance.

Supported authentication methods#

  • API token

Jenkins doesn't provide public API documentation; API documentation for each page is available from the user interface in the bottom right. Refer to those detailed pages for more information about the service. Refer to Jenkins Remote Access API for information on the API and API wrappers.

Using API token#

To configure this credential, you'll need:

  • The Jenkins Username: For the user whom the token belongs to
  • A Personal API Token: Generate this from the user's profile details > Configure > Add new token. Refer to these Stack Overflow instructions for more detail.
  • The Jenkins Instance URL

Jenkins rebuilt their API token setup in 2018. If you're working with an older Jenkins instance, be sure you're using a non-legacy API token. Refer to Security Hardening: New API token system in Jenkins 2.129+ for more information.