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ERPNext credentials#

You can use these credentials to authenticate the following nodes with Emelia.


Using API Key#

  1. Open your ERPNext dashboard page.
  2. Click on Settings on the top and select 'My Settings'.
  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on API Access.
  4. Click on the Generate Keys button.
  5. Copy the displayed API Secret.
  6. Enter a name for your credentials in the Credentials Name field in the 'ERPNext API' credentials in n8n.
  7. Paste the API Secret in the API Secret field in the 'ERPNext API' credentials in n8n.
  8. Copy the API Key from ERPNext. Note: You might have to refresh the ERPNext window to view the API Key.
  9. Paste the API Key in the API Key field in the 'ERPNext API' credentials in n8n.
  10. Enter the subdomain of your ERPNext account in the Subdomain field in the 'ERPNext API' credentials in n8n. Refer to the FAQs to learn how to get your subdomain.
  11. Click on the Create button to create your credentials in n8n.

The following video demonstrates the steps mentioned above.


How to find the subdomain of an ERPNext account?#

In the address bar of your browser, you can find the subdomain. The string between https:// and is your subdomain. For example, if the URL in the address bar is, the subdomain will be n8n.