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Workflow settings#

You can customize workflow behavior for individual workflows using workflow settings.

To open the settings:

  1. Open your workflow.
  2. Select the Options Options menu menu.
  3. Select Settings. n8n opens the Workflow settings modal.

The following settings are available:

  • Error Workflow: select a workflow to trigger if the current workflow fails. See Error workflows for more details.
  • This workflow can be called by: choose whether other workflow can call this workflow. Requires Workflow sharing.
  • Timezone: sets the timezone for the workflow to use. The default timezone is EDT (New York). The timezone setting is important for the Schedule trigger node.
  • Save failed production executions: whether n8n should save failed executions for active workflows.
  • Save successful production executions: whether n8n should save successful executions for active workflows.
  • Save manual executions: whether n8n should save executions for workflows started by the user in the editor.
  • Save execution progress: whether n8n should save execution data for each node. If set to Yes, the workflow resumes from where it stopped in case of an error. This might increase latency.
  • Timeout Workflow: toggle to enable setting a duration after which n8n should cancel the current workflow execution.
    • Timeout After: Set the time in hours, minutes, and seconds after which the workflow should timeout. For n8n Cloud users n8n enforces a maximum available timeout for each plan.