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G Suite Admin#

Use the G Suite Admin node to automate work in G Suite Admin, and integrate G Suite Admin with other applications. n8n has built-in support for a wide range of G Suite Admin features, including creating, updating, deleting, and getting users, and groups.

On this page, you'll find a list of operations the G Suite Admin node supports and links to more resources.


Refer to G Suite Admin credentials for guidance on setting up authentication.

Examples and templates

For usage examples and templates to help you get started, take a look at n8n's G Suite Admin integrations list.

Basic Operations#

  • Group
    • Create a group
    • Delete a group
    • Get a group
    • Get all groups
    • Update a group
  • User
    • Create a user
    • Delete a user
    • Get a user
    • Get all users
    • Update a user


What are the different ways to project a user's information?#

There are three different ways to project a user's information:

  • Basic: Doesn't include any custom fields.
  • Custom: Includes the custom fields from schemas in customField.
  • Full: Include all the fields associated with the user.

You can include custom fields by following the steps mentioned below. 1. Select 'Custom' from the Projection dropdown list. 2. Click on the Add Options button and select 'Custom Schemas' from the dropdown list. 3. Select the schema names you want to include from the Custom Schemas dropdown list.