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Stop And Error#

Use the Stop And Error node to display custom error messages, cause executions to fail under certain conditions, and send custom error information to error workflows.


  • Error Message
  • Error Object

Node parameters#

Both operations include one node parameter, the Error Type. Use this parameter to select the type of error to throw. Choose between the two operations: Error Message and Error Object.

The other parameters depend on which operation you select.

Error Message parameters#

The Error Message Error Type adds one parameter, the Error Message field. Enter the message you'd like to throw.

Error Object parameters#

The Error Object Error Type adds one parameter, the Error Object. Enter a JSON object that contains the error properties you'd like to throw.

Templates and examples#

Simple Google indexing Workflow in N8N

by Joachim Brindeau

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Move a nextcloud folder file by file

by Nico Kowalczyk

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Slack Webhook - Verify Signature

by Henri

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You can use the Stop And Error node with the Error trigger node.

Read more about Error workflows in n8n workflows.