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Workflow tags allow you to label your workflows. You can then filter workflows by tag.

Tags are global. This means when you create a tag, it's available to all users on your n8n instance.

Add a tag to a workflow#

To add a tag to your workflow:

  1. In your workflow, select + Add tag.
  2. Select an existing tag, or enter a new tag name.
  3. Once you select a tag and click away from the tag modal, n8n displays the tag next to the workflow name.

You can add more than one tag.

Filter by tag#

When browsing the workflows on your instance, you can filter by tag.

  1. On the Workflows page, select Filters.
  2. Select Tags.
  3. Select the tag or tags you want to filter by. n8n lists the workflows with that tag.

Manage tags#

You can edit existing tags. Instance owners can delete tags.

  1. Select Manage tags. This is available from Filters > Tags on the Workflows page, or in the + Add tag modal in your workflow.
  2. Hover over the tag you want to change.
  3. Select Edit Add node icon to rename it, or Delete Add node icon to delete it.

Global tags

Tags are global. If you edit or delete a tag, this affects all users of your n8n instance.