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Onfleet is a logistics platform offering a last-mile delivery solution.


You can find authentication information for this node here.


  • Admin
    • Create a new Onfleet admin
    • Delete an Onfleet admin
    • Get all Onfleet admins
    • Update an Onfleet admin
  • Container
    • Add task at index (or append)
    • Get container information
    • Fully replace a container's tasks
  • Destination
    • Create a new destination
    • Get a specific destination
  • Hub
    • Create a new Onfleet hub
    • Get all Onfleet hubs
    • Update an Onfleet hub
  • Organization
    • Retrieve your own organization's details
    • Retrieve the details of an organization with which you are connected
  • Recipient
    • Create a new Onfleet recipient
    • Get a specific Onfleet recipient
    • Update an Onfleet recipient
  • Task
    • Create a new Onfleet task
    • Clone an Onfleet task
    • Force-complete a started Onfleet task
    • Delete an Onfleet task
    • Get all Onfleet tasks
    • Get a specific Onfleet task
    • Update an Onfleet task
  • Team
    • Automatically dispatch tasks assigned to a team to on-duty drivers
    • Create a new Onfleet team
    • Delete an Onfleet team
    • Get a specific Onfleet team
    • Get all Onfleet teams
    • Get estimated times for upcoming tasks for a team, returns a selected driver
    • Update an Onfleet team
  • Worker
    • Create a new Onfleet worker
    • Delete an Onfleet worker
    • Get a specific Onfleet worker
    • Get all Onfleet workers
    • Get a specific Onfleet worker schedule
    • Update an Onfleet worker