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Use the Onfleet node to automate work in Onfleet, and integrate Onfleet with other applications. n8n has built-in support for a wide range of Onfleet features, including creating and deleting tasks in Onfleet as well as retrieving organizations' details.

On this page, you'll find a list of operations the Onfleet node supports and links to more resources.


Refer to Onfleet credentials for guidance on setting up authentication.

Examples and templates

For usage examples and templates to help you get started, take a look at n8n's Onfleet integrations list.


  • Admin
    • Create a new Onfleet admin
    • Delete an Onfleet admin
    • Get all Onfleet admins
    • Update an Onfleet admin
  • Container
    • Add task at index (or append)
    • Get container information
    • Fully replace a container's tasks
  • Destination
    • Create a new destination
    • Get a specific destination
  • Hub
    • Create a new Onfleet hub
    • Get all Onfleet hubs
    • Update an Onfleet hub
  • Organization
    • Retrieve your own organization's details
    • Retrieve the details of an organization with which you are connected
  • Recipient
    • Create a new Onfleet recipient
    • Get a specific Onfleet recipient
    • Update an Onfleet recipient
  • Task
    • Create a new Onfleet task
    • Clone an Onfleet task
    • Force-complete a started Onfleet task
    • Delete an Onfleet task
    • Get all Onfleet tasks
    • Get a specific Onfleet task
    • Update an Onfleet task
  • Team
    • Automatically dispatch tasks assigned to a team to on-duty drivers
    • Create a new Onfleet team
    • Delete an Onfleet team
    • Get a specific Onfleet team
    • Get all Onfleet teams
    • Get estimated times for upcoming tasks for a team, returns a selected driver
    • Update an Onfleet team
  • Worker
    • Create a new Onfleet worker
    • Delete an Onfleet worker
    • Get a specific Onfleet worker
    • Get all Onfleet workers
    • Get a specific Onfleet worker schedule
    • Update an Onfleet worker