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Populate a Pinecone vector database from a website#

Use n8n to scrape a website, load the data into Pinecone, then query it using a chat workflow. This workflow uses the HTTP node to get website data, extracts the relevant content using the HTML node, then uses the Pinecone Vector Store node to send it to Pinecone.

"Screenshot of the two workflows in this example"

Download the example workflow

Key features#

This workflow uses:

Using the example#

To load the template into your n8n instance:

  1. Download the workflow JSON file.
  2. Open a new workflow in your n8n instance.
  3. Copy in the JSON, or select Workflow menu Workflow menu icon > Import from file....

The example workflows use Sticky Notes to guide you:

  • Yellow: notes and information.
  • Green: instructions to run the workflow.
  • Orange: you need to change something to make the workflow work.
  • Blue: draws attention to a key feature of the example.