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Item linking errors#

n8n displays errors related to data mapping when there are problems tracing an item's linked parent items back through the workflow.

Errors when pinning data#

If you see this error message:

ERROR: '<node-name>' must be unpinned to execute

Unpin the data in the named node, and execute the node to get fresh data.

This error has two possible causes:

  • The number of inputs into the pinned node has changed since you pinned it.
  • You've edited the pinned data and changed the number of items.

Errors when using the Function node#

If you see this error message:

ERROR: Can't get data for expression under '<field-name>' field

You need to supply item linking information yourself, because you have an item linking scenario that n8n can't automatically handle. Refer to Item linking concepts for a conceptual understanding of item linking, and Manage item linking in the Function node for detailed guidance on handling item linking.