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Item linking errors#

n8n displays errors related to data mapping when there are problems tracing an item's linked parent items back through the workflow.

Errors when pinning data#

If you see this error message:

ERROR: '<node-name>' must be unpinned to execute

Unpin the data in the named node, and execute the node to get fresh data.

This error has two possible causes:

  • The number of inputs into the pinned node has changed since you pinned it.
  • You've edited the pinned data and changed the number of items.

Errors when using the Code node#

If you see this error message:

ERROR: Can't get data for expression under '<field-name>' field

You need to supply item linking information yourself, because you have an item linking scenario that n8n can't automatically handle.

To control item linking, set pairedItem when returning data. For example, to link to the item at index 0:

		"json": {
			. . . 
		// The index of the input item that generated this output item
		"pairedItem": 0

Refer to Item linking concepts for a conceptual understanding of item linking, and Manage item linking in the Code node for detailed guidance on handling item linking.