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Binary data environment variables#

File-based configuration

You can add _FILE to individual variables to provide their configuration in a separate file. Refer to Keeping sensitive data in separate files for more details.

By default, n8n uses memory to store binary data. Enterprise users can choose to use an external service instead. Refer to External storage for more information on using external storage for binary data.

Variable Type Default Description
N8N_AVAILABLE_BINARY_DATA_MODES String filesystem A comma separated list of available binary data modes.
N8N_BINARY_DATA_STORAGE_PATH String N8N_USER_FOLDER/binaryData The path where n8n stores binary data.
N8N_DEFAULT_BINARY_DATA_MODE String default The default binary data mode. default keeps binary data in memory. Set to filesystem to use the filesystem, or s3 to AWS S3. Note that binary data pruning operates on the active binary data mode. For example, if your instance stored data in S3, and you later switched to filesystem mode, n8n only prunes binary data in the filesystem. This may change in future.