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Webex by Cisco credentials#

You can use these credentials to authenticate the following nodes:


Create a Webex by Cisco account.

Using OAuth#

  1. Navigate to Webex for Developers and sign in using your Webex by Cisco account.
  2. From the user menu select My Webex Apps, then Create a New App.
  3. From the Create a New App page select Create an Integration.
  4. Complete the following required fields for your new integration:
    • Integration Name: Provide a name for your Webex app.
    • Contact Email: Enter your email address.
    • Icon: Provide an icon for your app or select one of the available defaults.
    • Description: Enter a brief description of your app.
    • Redirect URIs: Enter the OAuth Callback URL from the n8n credentials modal.
    • Scopes: Enable the following scopes:
      • spark:rooms_read
      • spark:messages_write
      • spark:messages_read
      • spark:membership_read
      • spark_membership_write
      • meeting:recordings_write
      • meeting:recordings_read
      • meeting:preferences_read
      • meeting:schedules_write
      • meeting:schedules_read
  5. Click Add Integration to create your app.
  6. Copy the Client ID and Client Secret for this new app.

From n8n:

  1. Enter a descriptive Credentials Name.
  2. Under Credential Data, enter the Client ID and Client Secret obtained above.
  3. Under OAuth, click the circle button to initiate authentication. A popup may appear prompting you to login to your Webex by Cisco account.
  4. After authentication is complete, click Create to save your new credentials.