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Twitter credentials#

You can use these credentials to authenticate the following nodes with Twitter.


Create a Twitter developer account.

Using OAuth#

  1. Access the Twitter Developer portal.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire to gain essential access and click Next once done. Getting essential access to the Twitter API
  3. Confirm the Developer agreement by checking the box and clicking Submit once done. The Twitter Developer Agreement
  4. Twitter will now send you a confirmation email. Click the Confirm your email button in the email. Email Validation Email
  5. After confirming your email, you are redirected to the #Welcome to the Twitter Developer Platform page. Enter a name for your Twitter application and click the Get keys button.
  6. Copy the API Key, API Key Secret shown on the next page. API Keys provided by Twitter
  7. Click the Skip to dashboard link at the bottom of the page and click the Yes, I saved them button.
  8. Click the Gear button next to your newly created app to open it's App settings. The App settings button
  9. In the Authentication settings sections, click Edit.
  10. Turn on the Enable 3-legged OAuth switch and paste the URL shown in the OAuth Redirect URL of the n8n credentials screen into the Callback URLs field of your Twitter apps authentication settings.
  11. Enter a valid Website URL in the respective field (for example The App settings button
  12. Save your input by clicking the Save button at the bottom of the page.
  13. Under App permissions, click Edit and choose the appropriate permissions for your app (pick Read and write and Direct message if you want to use all functions of the Twitter n8n in n8n) and click Save to confirm.
  14. In the sidebar on the left, click on the Project your app has been created in (usually Project 1) and then on the Apply for Elevated button.
  15. Fill out the questionnaire and confirm the inputs on each questionnaire page with a click on Next (Submit on the final page). Application process for elevated access to the Twitter API
  16. Once you receive confirmation that your application has been approved, you're ready to use the n8n Twitter node.
  17. In the n8n credentials screen, paste your API Key from steps 6 above into the Consumer Key field, and your API Key Secret into the Consumer Secret field.
  18. Click Connect my account and confirm the connection by clicking Authorize app.

Further Reference#