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The Markdown node converts between Markdown and HTML formats.

Examples and templates

For usage examples and templates to help you get started, refer to n8n's Markdown integrations page.


You can configure the node's output using Options. Click Add Option to view and select your options.

Test out the options

Some of the options depend on each other, or can interact. We recommend testing out options to check the effects are what you want.

Markdown to HTML#

Option Description Default
Add Blank To Links Whether to open links a new window (enabled) or not (disabled). Disabled
Automatic Linking To URLs Whether to automatically link to URLs (enabled) or not (disabled). If enabled, n8n converts any string that it identifies as a URL to a link. Disabled
Backslash Escapes HTML Tags Whether to allow backslash escaping of HTML tags (enabled) or not (disabled). When enabled, n8n escapes any < or > prefaced with \. For example, \<div\> renders as &lt;div&gt;. Disabled
Complete HTML Document Whether to output a complete HTML document (enabled) or an HTML fragment (disabled). A complete HTML document includes the <DOCTYPE HTML> declaration, <html> and <body> tags, and the <head> element. Disabled
Customized Header ID Whether to support custom heading IDs (enabled) or not (disabled). When enabled, you can add custom heading IDs using {header ID here} after the heading text. Disabled
Emoji Support Whether to support emojis (enabled) or not (disabled). Disabled.
Encode Emails Whether to transform ASCII character emails into their equivalent decimal entities (enabled) or not (disabled). Enabled
Exclude Trailing Punctuation From URLs Whether to exclude trailing punctuation from automatically linked URLs (enabled) or not (disabled). For use with Automatic Linking To URLs. Disabled
GitHub Code Blocks Whether to enable GitHub Flavored Markdown code blocks (enabled) or not (disabled). Enabled
GitHub Compatible Header IDs Whether to generate GitHub Flavored Markdown heading IDs (enabled) or not (disabled). GitHub Flavored Markdown generates heading IDs with - in place of spaces and removes non-alphanumeric characters. Disabled
GitHub Mention Link Change the link used with GitHub Mentions. Disabled
GitHub Mentions Whether to support tagging GitHub users with @ (enabled) or not (disabled). When enabled, n8n replaces @name with Disabled
GitHub Task Lists Whether to support GitHub Flavored Markdown task lists (enabled) or not (disabled). Disabled
Header Level Start Number. Set the start level for headers. For example, changing this field to 2 causes n8n to treat # as <h2>, ## as <h3>, and so on. 1
Mandatory Space Before Header Whether to make a space between # and heading text required (enabled) or not (disabled). When enabled, n8n renders a heading written as ##Some header text literally (it doesn't turn it into a heading element) Disabled
Middle Word Asterisks Whether n8n should treat asterisks in words as Markdown (disabled) or render them as literal asterisks (enabled). Disabled
Middle Word Underscores Whether n8n should treat underscores in words as Markdown (disabled) or render them as literal underscores (enabled). Disabled
No Header ID Disable automatic generation of header IDs (enabled). Disabled
Parse Image Dimensions Support setting maximum image dimensions in Markdown syntax (enabled). Disabled
Prefix Header ID Define a prefix to add to header IDs. None
Raw Header ID Whether to remove spaces, ', and " from header IDs, including prefixes, replacing them with - (enabled) or not (disabled). Disabled
Raw Prefix Header ID Whether to prevent n8n from modifying header prefixes (enabled) or not (disabled) Disabled
Simple Line Breaks Whether to create line breaks without a double space at the end of a line (enabled) or not (disabled). Disabled
Smart Indentation Fix Whether to try to smartly fix indentation problems related to ES6 template strings in indented code blocks (enabled) or not (disabled). Disabled
Spaces Indented Sublists Whether to remove the requirement to indent sublists four spaces (enabled) or not (disabled). Disabled
Split Adjacent Blockquotes Whether to split adjacent blockquote blocks (enabled) or not (disabled). If you don't enable this, n8n treats quotes (indicated by > at the start of the line) on separate lines as a single blockquote, even when separated by an empty line. Disabled
Strikethrough Whether to support strikethrough syntax (enabled) or not (disabled). When enabled, you can add a ~~strikethrough~~ effect using ~~ around the word or phrase. Disabled
Tables Header ID Whether to add an ID to table header tags (enabled) or not (disabled). Disabled
Tables Support Whether to support tables (enabled) or not (disabled). Disabled

HTML to Markdown#

Option Description Default
Bullet Marker Specify the character to use for unordered lists. *
Code Block Fence Specify the characters to use for code blocks. ```
Emphasis Delimiter Specify the character <em>. _
Global Escape Pattern Overrides the default character escape settings. You may want to use Text Replacement Pattern instead. None
Ignored Elements Ignore given HTML elements, and their children. None
Keep Images With Data Whether to keep images with data (enabled) or not (disabled). Support files up to 1MB. Disabled
Line Start Escape Pattern Overrides the default character escape settings. You may want to use Text Replacement Pattern instead. None
Max Consecutive New Lines Number. Specify the maximum number of consecutive new lines allowed. 3
Place URLs At The Bottom Whether to place URLs at the bottom of the page and format using link reference definitions (enabled) or not (disabled). Disabled
Strong Delimiter Specify the characters for <strong>. **
Style For Code Block Specify the styling for code blocks. Options are Fence and Indented. Fence
Text Replacement Pattern Define a text replacement pattern using regex. None
Treat As Blocks Specify HTML elements to treat as blocks (surround with blank lines) None


n8n uses the following parsers: