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The Crypto node is used to encrypt data in workflows.

Node Reference#

You can configure further options for each action by selecting the type of encryption and encoding to be used, in the Type and Encoding fields respectively.

  • Action
    • Hash a text in a specified format
    • Hmac a text in a specified format
    • Sign a string using a private key
  • Type
    • MD5
    • SHA256
      • SHA3-256
      • SHA384
      • SHA3-384
    • SHA512
      • SHA3-512
  • Encoding
    • BASE64
    • HEX

Example Usage#

This workflow allows you to encrypt data using the Crypto node. You can also find the workflow on the website. This example usage workflow would use the following two nodes. - Start - Crypto

The final workflow should look like the following image.

A workflow with the Crypto node

1. Start node#

The start node exists by default when you create a new workflow.

2. Crypto node#

  1. Enter the data that you want to encrypt in the Value field.
  2. Click on Execute Node to run the workflow.