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Keap is an e-mail marketing and sales platform for small businesses, including products to manage and optimize the customer lifecycle, customer relationship management, marketing automation, lead capture, and e-commerce.


You can find authentication information for this node here.

Basic Operations#

  • Company
    • Create a company
    • Retrieve all companies
  • Contact
    • Create/update a contact
    • Delete an contact
    • Retrieve an contact
    • Retrieve all contacts
  • Contact Note
    • Create a note
    • Delete a note
    • Get a notes
    • Retrieve all notes
    • Update a note
  • Contact Tag
    • Add a list of tags to a contact
    • Delete a contact's tag
    • Retrieve all contact's tags
  • Ecommerce Order
    • Create an ecommerce order
    • Get an ecommerce order
    • Delete an ecommerce order
    • Retrieve all ecommerce orders
  • Ecommerce Product
    • Create an ecommerce product
    • Delete an ecommerce product
    • Get an ecommerce product
    • Retrieve all ecommerce product
  • Email
    • Create a record of an email sent to a contact
    • Retrieve all sent emails
    • Send Email
  • File
    • Delete a file
    • Retrieve all files
    • Upload a file

Example Usage#

This workflow allows you to get all contacts from Keap. You can also find the workflow on the website. This example usage workflow would use the following two nodes. - Start - Keap

The final workflow should look like the following image.

A workflow with the Keap node

1. Start node#

The start node exists by default when you create a new workflow.

2. Keap node#

  1. First of all, you'll have to enter credentials for the Keap node. You can find out how to do that here.
  2. Select the 'Contact' option from the Resource dropdown list.
  3. Select the 'Get All' option from the Operation dropdown list.
  4. Click on Execute Node to run the workflow.