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You can use these credentials to authenticate the following nodes with


Create a account.

Supported authentication methods#

  • API Key

Refer to's summary API documentation for more information about the service.

For detailed API reference documentation for each API, refer to the Track API documentation and the App API documentation.

Using API key#

To configure this credential, you'll need:

  • A Tracking API Key: For use with the Track API at See the FAQs below for more details.
  • Your Region: uses different API subdomains depending on the region you select. Options include:
    • Global region: Keeps the default URLs for both APIs; for use in all non-EU countries/regions.
    • EU region: Adjusts the Track API subdomain to track-eu and the App API subdomain to api-eu; only use this if you are in the EU.
  • A Tracking Site ID: Required with your Tracking API Key
  • An App API Key: For use with the App API at See the FAQs below for more details.

Refer to the Finding and managing your API credentials documentation for instructions on creating both Tracking API and App API keys.

Why you need a Tracking API Key and an App API Key# has two different API endpoints and generates and stores the keys for each slightly differently:

  • The Track API at
  • The App API at

The Track API requires a Tracking Site ID; the App API doesn't.

Based on the operation you want to perform, n8n uses the correct API key and its corresponding endpoint.