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Learning path

This guide outlines a series of tutorials and resources designed to get you started with n8n.

It's not necessary to complete all items listed to start using n8n. Use this as a reference to navigate to the most relevant parts of the documentation and other resources according to your needs.

Join the community#

n8n has an active community where you can get and offer help. Connect, share, and learn with other n8n users:

Set up your n8n#

If you don't have an account yet, sign up to a free trial on n8n Cloud or install n8n's community edition with Docker (recommended) or npm. See Choose your n8n for more details.

Try it out#

Start with the quickstart guides to help you get up and running with building basic workflows.

Structured Courses#

Build more complex workflows while learning key concepts along the way. Earn a badge and an avatar in your community profile.

Self-hosting n8n#

Explore various self-hosting options in n8n. If you’re not sure where to start, these are two popular options:

Build a node#

If you can't find a node for a specific app or a service, you can build a node yourself and share with the community. See what others have built on npm website.

Stay updated#