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Gotify credentials#

You can use these credentials to authenticate the following nodes with Gotify.


Install Gotify on your server.

Using API Token#

Note: To create a message, the App API Token is required. To delete or retrieve all messages, you need the Client API Token.

  1. Access your Gotify dashboard.
  2. Click on APPS in the navigation menu.
  3. Click on the CREATE APPLICATION button.
  4. Enter an application name in the Name field.
  5. Click on the CREATE button.
  6. Click on CLIENTS in the navigation menu.
  7. Click on the CREATE CLIENT button.
  8. Enter a name for the client in the Name field.
  9. Click on the CREATE button.
  10. Use the App Token, Client Token, and the Host URL with your Gotify API credentials in n8n.
  11. Click the Save button to save your credentials in n8n.

Getting Gotify credentials