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LangChain learning resources#

You don't need to know details about LangChain to use n8n, but it can be helpful to learn a few concepts. This pages lists some learning resources that people at n8n have found helpful.

The LangChain documentation includes introductions to key concepts and possible use cases. Choose the LangChain | Python or LangChain | JavaScript documentation for quickstarts, code examples, and API documentation. LangChain also provide code templates (Python only), offering ideas for potential use cases and common patterns.

What Product People Need To Know About LangChain provides a list of terminology and concepts, explained with helpful metaphors. Aimed at a wide audience.

If you prefer video, this YouTube series by Greg Kamradt works through the LangChain documentation, providing code examples as it goes.

n8n offers space to discuss LangChain on the Discord. Join to share your projects and discuss ideas with the community.