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Account types#

There are two account types, owner and member. The account type affects the user permissions and access.

  • Owner: this is the account that set up user management. There's one owner account for each n8n instance. You can't transfer ownership. The owner can:
    • Add and remove users
    • See all workflows
    • Delete tags
      • See all credentials (but not the sensitive information)
  • Members: these are normal n8n users. Members can:
    • See all workflow tags, create new tags, and assign tags to their workflows. Members can't delete tags.
    • Change their own password.
    • See their own workflows.

Create a member-level account for the owner

We recommend that owners create a member-level account for themselves. Owners can see all workflows, but there is no way to see who created a particular workflow, so there is a risk of overriding other people's work if you build and edit workflows as an owner.