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The Mattermost node allows you to automate work in Mattermost, and integrate Mattermost with other applications. n8n has built-in support for a wide range of Mattermost features, including creating, deleting, and getting channels, and users, as well as posting messages, and adding reactions.

On this page, you'll find a list of operations the Mattermost node supports and links to more resources.


Refer to Mattermost credentials for guidance on setting up authentication.

Examples and templates

For usage examples and templates to help you get started, take a look at n8n's Mattermost integrations list.


  • Channel
    • Add a user to a channel
    • Create a new channel
    • Soft delete a channel
    • Get a page of members for a channel
    • Restores a soft deleted channel
    • Search for a channel
    • Get statistics for a channel
  • Message
    • Soft delete a post, by marking the post as deleted in the database
    • Post a message into a channel
    • Post an ephemeral message into a channel
  • Reaction
    • Add a reaction to a post.
    • Remove a reaction from a post
    • Get all the reactions to one or more posts
  • User
    • Create a new user
    • Deactivates the user and revokes all its sessions by archiving its user object.
    • Retrieve all users
    • Get a user by email
    • Get a user by ID
    • Invite user to team

Refer to Mattermost's documentation for more information about the service.

View example workflows and related content on n8n's website.

Channel ID field error#

If you're not the System Administrator, you might get an error: there was a problem loading the parameter options from server: "Mattermost error response: You do not have the appropriate permissions. next to the Channel ID field.

Ask your system administrator to grant you the post:channel permission.

Find the channel ID#

To find the channel ID in Mattermost:

  1. Select the channel from the left sidebar.
  2. Select the channel name at the top.
  3. Select View Info.