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Keyboard shortcuts and controls#

n8n provides keyboard shortcuts for some actions.


  • Ctrl + Alt + n: create new workflow
  • Ctrl + o: open workflow
  • Ctrl + s: save the current workflow
  • Ctrl + z: undo
  • Ctrl + shift + z: redo


Move the canvas#

  • Ctrl + Left Mouse Button: move node view
  • Ctrl + Middle mouse button: move node view
  • Two fingers on a touch screen: move node view

Canvas zoom#

  • + or =: zoom in
  • - or _: zoom out
  • 0: reset zoom level
  • 1: zoom to fit workflow
  • Ctrl + Mouse wheel: zoom in/out

Nodes on the canvas#

  • Ctrl + a: select all nodes
  • Ctrl + v: paste nodes

With nodes selected in canvas#

  • ArrowDown: select sibling node below the current one
  • ArrowLeft: select node left of the current one
  • ArrowRight: select node right of the current one
  • ArrowUp: select sibling node above the current one
  • Ctrl + c: copy nodes
  • Ctrl + x: cut nodes
  • d: deactivate nodes
  • Delete: delete nodes
  • F2: rename node
  • Shift + ArrowLeft: select all nodes left of the current one
  • Shift + ArrowRight: select all nodes right of the current one

Node panel#

  • Tab: open the Node Panel
  • Enter: insert selected node into workflow
  • Escape: close Node panel

Node panel categories#

  • Enter: insert node into workflow, collapse/expand category, open subcategory
  • ArrowRight: expand category, open subcategory
  • ArrowLeft: collapse category, close subcategory view

Within nodes#

  • =: in an empty parameter input, this switches to expressions mode.