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A reference document listing built-in convenience functions to support data transformation in expressions for numbers.

JavaScript in expressions

You can use any JavaScript in expressions. Refer to Expressions for more information.

ceil(): Number #

Rounds up a number to a whole number.

floor(): Number #

Rounds down a number to a whole number.

format(locales?: LanguageCode, options?: FormatOptions): String #

This is a wrapper around Intl.NumberFormat(). Returns a formatted string of a number based on the given LanguageCode and FormatOptions. When no arguments are given, transforms the number in a like format 1.234.

Function parameters#


An IETF BCP 47 language tag.

Default: en-US


Configure options for number formatting. Refer to MDN | Intl.NumberFormat() for more information.

isEven(): Boolean #

Returns true if the number is even. Only works on whole numbers.

isOdd(): Boolean #

Returns true if the number is odd. Only works on whole numbers.

round(decimalPlaces?: Number): Number #

Returns the value of a number rounded to the nearest whole number, unless a decimal place is specified.

Function parameters#


How many decimal places to round to.

Default: 0

toBoolean(): Boolean #

Converts a number to a boolean. 0 converts to false. All other values convert to true.

toDateTime(format?: String): Date #

Converts a number to a Luxon date object.

Function parameters#

formatOptionalString enum

Can be ms (milliseconds), s (seconds), or excel (Excel 1900). Defaults to milliseconds.