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Logs environment variables#

File-based configuration

You can add _FILE to individual variables to provide their configuration in a separate file. Refer to Keeping sensitive data in separate files for more details.

This page lists environment variables to set up logging for debugging. Refer to Logging in n8n for details.

n8n logs#

Variable Type Default Description
N8N_LOG_LEVEL Enum string: info, warn, error, verbose, debug info Log output level. Refer to Log levels for details.
N8N_LOG_OUTPUT Enum string: console, file console Where to output logs. Provide multiple values as a comma-separated list.
N8N_LOG_FILE_COUNT_MAX Number 100 Max number of log files to keep.
N8N_LOG_FILE_SIZE_MAX Number 16 Max size of each log file in MB.
N8N_LOG_FILE_LOCATION String <n8n-directory-path>/logs/n8n.log Log file location. Requires N8N_LOG_OUTPUT set to file.
DB_LOGGING_ENABLED Boolean false Whether to enable database-specific logging.
DB_LOGGING_OPTIONS Enum string: query, error, schema, warn, info, log error Database log output level. To enable all logging, specify all. Refer to TypeORM logging options
DB_LOGGING_MAX_EXECUTION_TIME Number 1000 Maximum execution time (in milliseconds) before n8n logs a warning. Set to 0 to disable long running query warning.

Log streaming#

Refer to Log streaming for more information on this feature.

Variable Type Default Description
N8N_EVENTBUS_CHECKUNSENTINTERVAL Number 0 How often (in milliseconds) to check for unsent event messages. Can in rare cases send message twice. Set to 0 to disable it.
N8N_EVENTBUS_LOGWRITER_SYNCFILEACCESS Boolean false Whether all file access happens synchronously within the thread (true) or not (false).
N8N_EVENTBUS_LOGWRITER_KEEPLOGCOUNT Number 3 Number of event log files to keep.
N8N_EVENTBUS_LOGWRITER_MAXFILESIZEINKB Number 10240 Maximum size (in kilo-bytes) of an event log file before a new one starts.
N8N_EVENTBUS_LOGWRITER_LOGBASENAME String n8nEventLog Basename of the event log file.