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Executions environment variables#

File-based configuration

You can add _FILE to individual variables to provide their configuration in a separate file. Refer to Keeping sensitive data in separate files for more details.

This page lists environment variables to configure workflow execution settings.

Variable Type Default Description
EXECUTIONS_MODE Enum string: regular, queue regular Whether executions should run directly or using queue.

Refer to Queue mode for more details.
EXECUTIONS_TIMEOUT Number -1 Sets a default timeout (in seconds) to all workflows after which n8n stops their execution. Users can override this for individual workflows up to the duration set in EXECUTIONS_TIMEOUT_MAX. Set EXECUTIONS_TIMEOUT to -1 to disable.
EXECUTIONS_TIMEOUT_MAX Number 3600 The maximum execution time (in seconds) that users can set for an individual workflow.
EXECUTIONS_DATA_SAVE_ON_ERROR Enum string: all, none all Whether n8n saves execution data on error.
EXECUTIONS_DATA_SAVE_ON_SUCCESS Enum string: all, none all Whether n8n saves execution data on success.
EXECUTIONS_DATA_SAVE_ON_PROGRESS Boolean false Whether to save progress for each node executed (true) or not (false).
EXECUTIONS_DATA_SAVE_MANUAL_EXECUTIONS Boolean true Whether to save data of executions when started manually.
EXECUTIONS_DATA_PRUNE Boolean true Whether to delete data of past executions on a rolling basis.
EXECUTIONS_DATA_MAX_AGE Number 336 The execution age (in hours) before it's deleted.
EXECUTIONS_DATA_PRUNE_MAX_COUNT Number 10000 Maximum number of executions to keep in the database. 0 = no limit
EXECUTIONS_DATA_HARD_DELETE_BUFFER Number 1 How old (hours) the finished execution data has to be to get hard-deleted. By default, this buffer excludes recent executions as the user may need them while building a workflow.
EXECUTIONS_DATA_PRUNE_HARD_DELETE_INTERVAL Number 15 How often (minutes) execution data should be hard-deleted.
EXECUTIONS_DATA_PRUNE_SOFT_DELETE_INTERVAL Number 60 How often (minutes) execution data should be soft-deleted.