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Code in n8n#

n8n is a low-code tool. This means you can do a lot without code, then add code when needed.

Code in your workflows#

There are two places in your workflows where you can use code:

Other technical resources#

These are features that are relevant to technical users.

Technical nodes#

n8n provides core nodes, which simplify adding key functionality such as API requests, webhooks, scheduling, and file handling.

Other developer resources#

  • The n8n API

    n8n provides an API, allowing you to programmatically perform many of the same tasks as you can in the GUI. There's an n8n API node to access the API in your workflows.


  • Self-host

    You can self-host n8n. This keeps your data on your own infrastructure.


  • Build your own nodes

    You can build custom nodes, install them on your n8n instance, and publish them to npm.

    Creating nodes