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Set up source control for environments#

Link a Git repository to an n8n instance and configure your source control.

n8n uses source control to provide environments. Refer to Environments in n8n for more information.


To use source control with n8n, you need a Git repository that allows SSH access.

This document assumes you are familiar with Git and your Git provider.

Step 1: Set up your repository and branches#

For a new setup:

  1. Create a new repository for use with n8n.
  2. Create the branches you need. For example, if you plan to have different environments for test and production, set up a branch for each.

To help decide what branches you need for your use case, refer to Branch patterns.

Step 2: Configure Git in n8n#

  1. Go to Settings > Environments.
  2. In Git repository URL enter the SSH URL for your repository.
  3. n8n supports ED25519 and RSA public key algorithms. ED25519 is the default. Select RSA under SSH Key if your git host requires RSA.
  4. Copy the SSH key.

Step 3: Set up a deploy key#

Set up SSH access by creating a deploy key for the repository using the SSH key from n8n. The key must have write access.

The steps depend on your Git provider. Help links for common providers:

Step 4: Connect n8n and configure your instance#

  1. In Settings > Environments in n8n, select Connect. n8n connects to your Git repository.
  2. Under Instance settings, choose which branch you want to use for the current n8n instance.
  3. Optional: select Protected instance to prevent users editing workflows in this instance. This is useful for protecting production instances.
  4. Optional: choose a custom color for the instance. This will appear in the menu next to the source control push and pull buttons. It helps users know which instance they're in.
  5. Select Save settings.