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Debug and re-run past executions#

Feature availability

Available on Self-Hosted Enterprise, Cloud Pro, and Cloud Enterprise plans.

You can load data from a previous execution into your current workflow. This is useful for debugging data from failed production executions: you can see a failed execution, make changes to your workflow to fix it, then re-run it with the previous execution data.

Load data#

To load data from a previous execution:

  1. In your workflow, select the Executions tab to view the Executions list.
  2. Select the execution you want to debug. n8n displays options depending on whether the workflow was successful or failed:
    • For failed executions: select Debug in editor.
    • For successful executions: select Copy to editor.
  3. n8n copies the execution data into your current workflow, and pins the data in the first node in the workflow.

Check which executions you save

The executions available on the Executions list depends on your Workflow settings.