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HubSpot credentials#

You can use these credentials to authenticate the following nodes with HubSpot.

API key deprecated

HubSpot deprecated the API key authentication method. The option still appears in n8n, but you should use OAuth or APP Token.


Create a HubSpot account.

Using OAuth#

Note for n8n Cloud users

You can skip these steps. Enter the credential name, then select Connect my account in the OAuth section to connect your HubSpot account to n8n.

HubSpot old accounts

Some HubSpot accounts don't have access to all the scopes. HubSpot is migrating accounts gradually. If you can't find all the scopes in your current HubSpot developer account, try creating a fresh developer account.

  1. Access your HubSpot Developer Home.
  2. Select Manage apps.
  3. Select Create app.
  4. Enter an app name in Public app name.
  5. Select the Auth tab.
  6. Use the provided Client ID and the Client secret with your HubSpot OAuth2 API credentials in n8n. If you're using the HubSpot Trigger node, copy the App ID along with the information in the previous step.
  7. Copy your OAuth Callback URL from the Create New Credentials screen in n8n and paste in the Redirect URL section in HubSpot
  8. In the Scopes section, select the following scopes in the Find a scope search box:

    • Trigger node:
      • oauth
      • crm.objects.contacts (read),
      • crm.schemas.contacts (read),
      • crm.objects.companies (read),
      • crm.schemas.companies (read),
      • (read),
      • (read),
    • Regular node:

      • oauth
      • (read),
      • crm.objects.owners (read),
      • crm.objects.contacts (write),
      • crm.objects.companies (write),
      • crm.objects.companies (read),
      • (read),
      • crm.schemas.contacts (read),
      • (write),
      • crm.objects.contacts (read),
      • crm.schemas.companies (read),
      • forms,
      • tickets,

      Exact scope needed

      If you grant access to more or less scopes than listed above, this can cause an issue with the authentication step.

  9. Select Save to save your settings in HubSpot.

  10. In n8n, select Connect my account in the OAuth section to connect your HubSpot account to n8n.
  11. Click the Save button to save your credentials.

Using APP Token#

  1. Follow the instructions in the Private Apps Documentation to get your access token.
  2. Set the access token as the key in your HubSpot credentials in n8n.