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Odoo credentials#

You can use these credentials to authenticate the following nodes with Odoo:

  • Odoo

  • Sign up for Odoo and create an API key or password. Refer to Odoo's documentation for more information: External API. Note that some Odoo modules and settings require API keys, not passwords.

  • In n8n, create a new credential. You can either:
    • Click Credentials > New, then search for Odoo API. After selecting Odoo API, click Continue.
    • In an Odoo node, click the Credential for Odoo API dropdown, then click Create new.
  • Enter your Odoo information:
    • Site URL: the domain of your Odoo instance.
    • Username: username as displayed on the user's Change password screen in Odoo.
    • Database name: the name of the Odoo instance.
    • Password or API key: the credential you created in step one.
  • Click Save. n8n tests the key to check it can connect to Odoo.