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Use the Summarize node to aggregate items together, in a manner similar to Excel pivot tables.

Examples and templates

For usage examples and templates to help you get started, refer to n8n's Summarize integrations page.

Node parameters#

  • Fields to Summarize:
    • To combine values, select an Aggregation method, and enter a Field name.
    • To split values, enter a field name or list of names in Fields to Split By.
  • Options > Add Field: use this to add more optional settings, including:
    • Disable Dot Notation: when disabled, you can't reference child fields (in the format parent.child).
    • Output Format:
      • Each Split in a Separate Item: splitting generates a separate output item for each split out field.
      • All Splits in a Single Item: splitting generates a single item, which lists the split out fields.
    • Ignore items without valid fields to group by: ignore input items that don't contain the field specified in Fields to Summarize.

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