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Edit Image#

Use the Edit Image node to manipulate and edit images.


  1. If you aren't running n8n on Docker, you need to install GraphicsMagick.
  2. You need to use a node such as the Read/Write Files from Disk node or the HTTP Request node to pass the image file as a data property to the Edit Image node.

Examples and templates

For usage examples and templates to help you get started, refer to n8n's Edit Image integrations page.


  • Add a blur to the image to reduce sharpness
  • Add a border to the image
  • Create a new image
  • Crop the image
  • Composite an image on top of another image
  • Draw on an image
  • Get information about the image
  • Rotate the image
  • Change the size of the image
  • Shear image along the X or Y axis
  • Add text to the image


  • File Name: specify the filename of the output file.
  • Format: specify the image format of the output file:
    • BMP
    • GIF
    • JPEG
    • PNG
    • TIFF
    • WebP

View example workflows and related content on n8n's website.