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n8n Cloud#

n8n Cloud is n8n's hosted solution. In addition to all the features of n8n, it provides added benefits such as:

  • No technical set up or maintenance for your n8n instance
  • 24/7 uptime monitoring
  • Managed OAuth for authentication
  • One-click upgrades to the newest n8n versions

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Russia and Belarus

n8n Cloud is not available in Russia and Belarus. Refer to our blog post Update on n8n cloud accounts in Russia and Belarus for more information.

Cloud configuration#

You can configure settings for your n8n instance in your Admin dashboard. This includes changing your n8n version.

Cloud IP addresses#

Cloud IP addresses change without warning

n8n can't guarantee static source IPs, as Cloud operates in a dynamic cloud provider environment and scales its infrastructure to meet demand. You should use strong authentication and secure transport protocols when connecting into and out of n8n.

Outbound traffic may currently appear to originate from any of: