# Database

By default, n8n uses SQLite to save credentials, past executions, and workflows. However, n8n also supports PostgresDB.

# Shared Settings

The following environment variables get used by all databases:

  • DB_TABLE_PREFIX (default: '') - Prefix for table names

# PostgresDB

To use PostgresDB as the database, you can provide the following environment variables

  • DB_TYPE=postgresdb
  • DB_POSTGRESDB_DATABASE (default: 'n8n')
  • DB_POSTGRESDB_HOST (default: 'localhost')
  • DB_POSTGRESDB_PORT (default: 5432)
  • DB_POSTGRESDB_USER (default: 'root')
  • DB_POSTGRESDB_PASSWORD (default: empty)
  • DB_POSTGRESDB_SCHEMA (default: 'public')
  • DB_POSTGRESDB_SSL_CA (default: undefined) — a path to the server's CA certificate to use to validate the connection (opportunistic encryption is not supported)
  • DB_POSTGRESDB_SSL_CERT (default: undefined) — a path to the client's TLS certificate to authenticate with
  • DB_POSTGRESDB_SSL_KEY (default: undefined) — a path to the client's private key corresponding to the its certificate
  • DB_POSTGRESDB_SSL_REJECT_UNAUTHORIZED (default: true) — if TLS connections that fail validation should be rejected
export DB_TYPE=postgresdb
export DB_POSTGRESDB_HOST=postgresdb

# optional:
export DB_POSTGRESDB_SSL_CA=$(pwd)/ca.crt

n8n start


A note on TLS certificates — you can choose between these configurations:

  • not declaring (default) — in which case you'll connect with SSL=off
  • declaring only the CA + unauthorized flag — in which case you'll connect with SSL=on and verify the server's signature
  • declaring _{CERT,KEY} as well as the above — in which case you'll use the cert and key for client TLS authentication

# MySQL / MariaDB

The compatibility with MySQL/MariaDB has been tested. Even then, it is advisable to observe the operation of the application with this database as this option has been recently added. If you spot any problems, feel free to submit a burg report or a pull request.

To use MySQL as database you can provide the following environment variables:

  • DB_TYPE=mysqldb or DB_TYPE=mariadb
  • DB_MYSQLDB_DATABASE (default: 'n8n')
  • DB_MYSQLDB_HOST (default: 'localhost')
  • DB_MYSQLDB_PORT (default: 3306)
  • DB_MYSQLDB_USER (default: 'root')
  • DB_MYSQLDB_PASSWORD (default: empty)
export DB_TYPE=mysqldb
export DB_MYSQLDB_HOST=mysqldb
export DB_MYSQLDB_PORT=3306
export DB_MYSQLDB_USER=n8n

n8n start

# SQLite

This is the default database that gets used if nothing is defined.

The database file is located at: ~/.n8n/database.sqlite

# Other Databases

Currently, only the databases mentioned above are supported. n8n internally uses TypeORM (opens new window), so adding support for the following databases should not be too much work:

  • CockroachDB
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Oracle

If you cannot use any of the currently supported databases for some reason and you can code, we'd appreciate your support in the form of a pull request. If not, you can request for support here:

https://community.n8n.io/c/feature-requests/cli (opens new window)