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Use n8n's LangChain nodes to build AI-powered functionality within your workflows. The LangChain nodes are configurable, meaning you can choose your preferred agent, LLM, memory, and so on. Alongside the LangChain nodes, you can connect any n8n node as normal: this means you can integrate your LangChain logic with other data sources and services.

Feature availability

This feature is available on Cloud and self-hosted n8n. In version 1.19.4 and above, LangChain functionality is included with n8n, and you don't need to do any special signup or installation steps.

If you want to test the latest AI functionality, the beta version is available. This may be unstable. Refer to Access LangChain in n8n for more information.

Beta feature

This feature is in beta. Send feedback to

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Node types#

This feature uses Cluster nodes: groups of root and sub nodes that work together.

Workflow templates#

You can browse workflow templates in-app or on the n8n website Workflows page.

Refer to Templates for information on accessing templates in-app.

Chatbot widget#

n8n provides a chatbot widget that you can use as a frontend for AI-powered chat workflows. Refer to the @n8n/chat npm page for usage information.

n8n provides code snippets for the chatbot, pre-populated with your settings:

  1. Add the Manual Chat Trigger to your workflow.
  2. Select Chat.
  3. Select More info in the help text:

    Add chat to external applications using the n8n chat package. More info